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Trump Rules Out Vivek For VP, But Has Some Different Roles In Mind


Trump Considers Vivek For Cabinet Position Instead Of VP

News surfaced on Monday indicating that Vivek Ramaswamy is no longer being considered as Donald Trump’s potential pick for vice president.

The former president conveyed to his one-time rival that instead of the vice presidency, he would explore the possibility of securing a cabinet position for him, The Post Millennial reports.

Sources familiar with the matter, as reported by Bloomberg, disclosed that Trump personally reached out to Ramaswamy to communicate this decision. One of the roles being contemplated is that of Department of Homeland Security secretary.

As of now, neither Trump nor Ramaswamy has publicly responded to the report.

Trump and his team are also mulling over other candidates for prospective cabinet positions, including another former GOP primary contender, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, as well as Representative Elise Stefanik and former US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

The former president is seeking a running mate who is not driven solely by the allure of the spotlight but who can provide a tangible advantage in the race against President Joe Biden, Bloomberg sources emphasized.

Trump has reportedly shared with close confidants and allies his dissatisfaction with the names circulating as potential running mates. The pool of options under consideration has only expanded, not contracted, according to individuals close to the former president.

Bloomberg further reports that Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, has expressed eagerness to play a significant role in the transition process.

Ramaswamy exited the presidential race following a fourth-place finish in the Republican Iowa caucuses.

The presidential hopeful, who staunchly defended Trump throughout the Republican debates, announced the suspension of his presidential campaign, acknowledging the absence of a viable path to victory. The subsequent day, the 38-year-old joined Trump on stage, endorsing him as the “best president of the 21st century.”

He also reiterated his endorsement of Trump for the 2024 elections.

Trump, having secured the GOP nomination, announced in January that he had already made his decision regarding his vice presidential selection.

Last month, the former president hinted that his list of potential running mates includes at least half a dozen names, ranging from South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Representative Tulsi Gabbard.