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Biden’s Feds Nailed with Heavy Accusation – This Christian Group Lands a One-Two Punch


The Biden administration has been accused of going after Americans of faith. The president has seemingly tried to impose a certain set of beliefs onto Americans and institutions. Schools that do not embrace his gender ideology risk losing funding for free lunches.

Parents who opposed radical, race-based curriculum were called “domestic terrorists” by some unions. The Department of Justice was exposed for monitoring parents who disagreed with school boards.

Now, one Christian group is calling out Biden’s Department of Justice. They made a simple request in 2018 to become a nonprofit. But since then, they say, the Feds have been after them.

From Fox News:
The president of Grand Canyon University (GCU), the nation’s largest Christian university, told Fox News Digital in an interview that he believes the university is unfairly being targeted by the Department of Education (ED) and other federal agencies…

While their efforts to obtain nonprofit status are underway, GCU on October 5 released a statement that accused the Department of Education, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Veteran Affairs of coordinating an effort to unjustly target the university after they filed a complaint in court about failing to obtain nonprofit status.

Grand Canyon University, called the nation’s largest Christian university, claims various federal agencies are targeting it with unjust investigations. The school stated the Department of Education, the FTC, and the VA have been coming after the school.

The issue relates to lawsuits launched by the school to obtain nonprofit status. In 2004, the school became a for-profit entity to acquire funding. But the federal government is rejecting its latest request to return to nonprofit status, claiming that most of the school’s revenues were allocated to a former owner.

The school is continuing to battle this issue out in the courts. But they say Biden is in some ways retaliating with these investigations. One of the investigations accuses the school of using “deceptive” advertising–pointing to an ad that stated, “cybersecurity experts are in high demand.”

Such statements seem common in ads produced by a wide variety of colleges. Yet Grand Canyon University is being targeted for saying it.

The FTC is also targeting the school, claiming it is violating a Biden administration rule about Title IV funds.

Source: Fox News