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Biden’s Green Agenda Suffers Catastrophe – Look What’s Happening to 1 Major Market


When Biden took over, he made one of his top goals was to push his version of the “Green New Deal.” He shut down America’s fossil fuel industry, triggering skyrocketing gas prices and making inflation much worse. He then promised car makers that he was going to spend untold amounts of money to make every last American buy an overpriced electric vehicle.

Big surprise, he welched on his promise. Despite promises to roll out EV infrastructure across the country, Biden’s failed to do so. His DOT head can’t even keep trains on the tracks! And with Republicans running the House, there’s no way they’ll give a red cent to support Biden’s radical “green” dream. And those car companies foolish enough to get into bed with Joe are in big trouble.

From Breitbart:

Unsold electric cars are piling up on dealer lots as the auto industry cranks out more electric vehicles (EVs) than there are buyers in an attempt to compete with Tesla. Luxury brands in particular are struggling with high inventories of EVs that no one wants to buy.

Despite interest, sales aren’t keeping up with increased output, as the nationwide supply of EVs in stock has swelled nearly 350 percent this year, to more than 92,000 units – which translates into a 92-day supply…

Meanwhile, dealers have a slim 54 days’ worth of gasoline-powered vehicles in inventory. Normally, there is a 70-day supply.

Idiots. At a time when gas-powered cars were in short supply, inflating the cost of used cars, carmakers ramped up the production… of electric vehicles.

Even though most Americans can’t afford EVs (which often cost twice as much, or more, than regular cars) and the infrastructure (outside what Tesla has built) isn’t there.

And the Democrats’ EV credit they put into their recent bloated spending bills only encourages the rich to buy electric cars.

So, these foolish car makers made thousands of EVs, which are now rotting on dealership lots. Talk about idiotic! Why didn’t they ramp up the production of cheap, affordable, reliable gas-powered cars? You know, the ones millions of Americans want to drive?

There is a lesson to be learned from this. Don’t buy into the left’s agenda. Biden is trying to force Americans to adopt electric cars, but it just isn’t working. The administration doesn’t even know how they’ll provide the electricity for all these EVs–since they shut down oil and coal.

Perhaps we need to get new leadership in D.C.?

Key Takeaways:

  • Car makers produced too many EVs, which are sitting on dealership lots.
  • Companies banked on Biden’s scheme to force Americans to buy EVs, but few are buying.
  • Most electric cars cost much more than gas-powered cars, plus the infrastructure hasn’t been built.

Source: Breitbart