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Biden’s Secret Order to His Staff Slips Out – And Trump Supporters Need to Hear It


Recent election polls are giving Democrats plenty to worry about. Some swing states show Trump with a ten-point lead over Biden. And Biden’s approval among must-need groups is waning.

It might be that Biden’s strategy to attack Trump and focus on abortion is working.

Now, word is coming out that Biden is ordering his staff to take drastic measures. Getting into the mud, he is giving this direct order to his campaign people. But you can smell the irony of his statement.

From Daily Wire:
“President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments,” she said. “We’re told that the thrust of the president’s direction was to significantly ramp up the campaign’s efforts to highlight the ‘crazy s*** that Trump says in public.’”

“…Biden campaign [is] trying to highlight what they see as the black-and-white contrast between President Biden and former President Trump on everything, including their temperament, their worldviews, their policies.”

This will have plenty of Americans laughing out loud. Biden reportedly told his top campaign staff to highlight the “crazy s***” that Trump says in public. It appears the campaign’s sole strategy at this point is trying to throw mud at the Republican candidate.

Yet, Biden doesn’t seem to see how odd and embarrassing his command is. Biden continues to get himself into trouble over what he says in public. Trump might say some outlandish things, but they are often gobbled up by his supporters.

Biden, on the other hand, makes such troubling gaffes that his own party is deeply worried. During a press conference defending his ailing memory, Biden put his foot in it by forgetting people’s names and sounding like an angry old man.

The Democrat has a long history of telling confusing and at times disturbing stories. He has been accused of being racially insensitive and has made offensive comments to female reporters.

Biden was roasted by Special Counsel Hur, who claimed the president didn’t remember when he served as vice president. The white House has frequently tried to backtrack Biden’s statements, especially those that affected foreign policy.

If anyone should be worried about getting blasted for the crazy stuff they have said in public, it certainly isn’t Trump.

Source: Daily Wire