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The Cell Phone Outage Story Is Imploding, Details Not Adding Up! Here’s The Latest…


Did your mother ever tell you to just tell the truth, that way you don’t have to remember when you were lying?

Anyone else ever heard that?

It’s a much simpler way to live.

Much better than trying to remember which story you told to which person.

Unfortunately, the Legacy Media never got that memo and they’ve turned into professional liars.

After reporting on the news for nearly a decade now, I can sniff out pretty quick when we’re not being told the truth and from the minute the Thursday Morning cellular phone outage story broke I knew something wasn’t adding up.

And it’s only getting worse….

Let me bring you up to speed.

When the story first broke we were told it was caused by a Solar Flare:

Then by the end of the day that narrative had shifted to AT&T claiming “no, it was just a bug in our software!”

Grok confirms this is now the “official story”:

Here’s the problem though….

Thousands of people who DIDN’T have AT&T were also affected.

How do I know that?

Because I read all your comments and your emails telling me you don’t have AT&T but you didn’t have service.

I also see all the posts on Twitter:

It was NOT just AT&T, so why are they trying to tell us it was?  And that it was just a “bug” in their software?

And yes, I know AT&T sells some of their service to other carriers who brand it differently, but they don’t sell to Verizon.

And now this, the ultimate proof — here is Fox News on Thursday reporting it was AT&T and Verizon affected, plus many other carriers:

Backup here:

Folks, 15 years ago, the Legacy Media would have controlled this narrative.

They would have told you what they wanted you to believe on the 6pm Nightly News and that would have been the end of the story.

Not anymore.

Now we document things in realtime and now we know they’re lying to us about this story, as they keep shifting their answer and the current answer claiming a bug in the AT&T code makes no sense!

So what is really happening?

As the Tweet above says, I think it’s Predictive Programming and a Test Run for a coming EMP strike:

In the middle of the night last night, there were mass cellular outages reported for uses of AT&T,
, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile and other uses as well.

Why would millions of people’s phones give them an SOS message, which prevents someone from making any calls, even to 911.

This sounds like an EMP test trial run to me.

I’ve been saying this since day 1, we are going to be attacked. I predicted we are going to be attacked by an EMP in the near future.

Our infrastructure has been neglected and is open for the taken.

Our enemies know this.

Think about it who was given satellite phones in 2023???

They know and they know exactly when it’s going to happen as well!