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Biden’s Secret Woke Scheme Just Exploded – He’s Hiding It Behind His Big ‘Win’


Years ago, President Biden secured one of his few bipartisan victories. Under his administration, Congress passed a bill to secure semiconductor manufacturing in America. The plan was to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign supply chains for such a vital product.

But years have passed and little has come of this billion-dollar program. With over $52 billion allocated for this goal, where are the factories?

We might assume the incompetence of the Biden administration is to blame. The plan for American-made semiconductors hit another snag, though. As it turns out, this bipartisan victory has become yet another way for Biden to push his woke agenda. Because, instead of making computer chips, he is using this funding to promote DEI.

From Fox News:
The highly touted bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, one of the top legislative victories of President Biden’s tenure, is quietly tied to a number of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives that critics argue contravene the law’s objectives…

“Although this money is announced in some sense, it’s not even going to be given,” said Nicholson, who has researched the semiconductor industry. “That’s the key here. It’s not even going to be given unless [funding recipients], step by step, they meet, and they prove they’re meeting all of these DEI requirements.”

Despite passing the law in 2022, no money has been given out yet. And even when the federal government bothers to do so, it will only give funds to companies that comply with “diversity, equity, and inclusion” demands.

Meaning, that only progressive, “woke” companies will be considered for these funds. Although the legislation was meant to protect the United States against fragile foreign supply chains, it has become a vehicle for Biden to spread progressivism through the tech industry.

Companies that could have provided quality, affordable semiconductors (which are used in cars, computers, and nearly everything else we use), will have to comply with Democrat demands. Want that money? Prove you agree with our woke, PC, racial agenda.

This is yet another example of how Biden and Democrats are trying to spread their views to every sector of American life. Businesses can’t just make products anymore. They have to prove they support Democratic politics, or else.

This is yet more proof that Americans cannot trust the government, even when they pass a bill that is supposed to “help” us. In the end, Democrats will only do what helps themselves.

Source: Fox News