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Top Democrat Candidate Makes 1 Nasty Mistake – It’s So Bad, It Could Be Over for Him


Everything is on the line in the upcoming election. The White House won’t just be decided, but the Senate and House. Every seat in the House is up for reelection, which could result in a large majority for one of the parties.

If a party plays its cards right, carefully navigating the wild political waters, it can end up in a powerful position.

One hotly contested race will be over a seat out of Maryland. Democrat David Trone is fighting to keep his seat–which will help Democrats expand into a majority next year. But just as the election season heats up, Trone makes a shocking blunder. He won’t be able to sweep this under the rug.

From Fox News:
The Democrat frontrunner in what could be one of the most closely watched Senate races this year uttered a racial slur during a Thursday House Budget Committee hearing…

“So this Republican jigaboo that — it’s the tax rate that’s stopping business investment, it’s just completely faulty by people who have never run a business,” he said. “They’ve never been there. They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.”

Rep. David Trone used a slur when discussing tax policy. He was speaking during a hearing with Shalandra Young, the director of the Office of Budget and Management. Trone was attacking Republican tax policy when he used the word “jigaboo.”

This is a slur, rarely used in this day and age, to disparage black people. Trone claimed he meant to say “bugaboo.” But it is unusual that such a rare slur so quickly came to his lips. Young Americans might never have heard of this word, let alone be quick to use it.

While Trone is trying to backtrack, he cannot explain why he was so apt to use this term.

Trone is a Biden leftist who supports giving illegal immigrants citizenship and the right to vote. His use of this slur comes as black Americans grow increasingly distrustful of the Democratic Party. Many of them are turning on Joe Biden, with black approval of the president at an all-time low.

Trone will most likely face a tough race against Republican and former governor Larry Hogan. Polls show the race as very close right now, but one showed Hogan with a double-digit lead.

Source: Fox News