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Black Lives Matter Gets a Big Dose of Karma – Look What Just Happened to Their Landmark “Garden”


Liberal-run cities are discovering that lenient policies don’t always work out so well for the common good. Allowing people to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and even to whomever they want can quickly create a troubling environment.

The Pacific Northwest has grown into a haven for liberal community policies that cater to a “live and let live” attitude. But attitudes have changed in one famously liberal city after municipal leaders failed to curtail growing problems.

Safety is now front and center in Seattle as it faces a host of issues in one of its city parks. The problem ballooned to the point city officials recently took drastic action to regain control.

From the Daily Caller:
The Seattle parks and recreation division demolished a Black Lives Matter (BLM) memorial under police supervision Wednesday morning.

Seattle Parks spokesperson Rachel Shulkin stated that the demolition was needed for “public health and safety issues” and that the park needed maintenance for the turf.

“In recent months, the temporary garden has created unsafe conditions for all park users, including the vandalism of Cal Anderson public bathrooms, public drug use, unauthorized camping and a significant rodent problem, along with other issues,” Schulkin told local news.

Destroying the garden was supported by city officials and local black leaders. Officials swore that the city would “conceptualize” another garden in a different location. But other locals weren’t so supportive.

The Black Star Farmers organization that stewarded the garden said the move was difficult on local residents. Organized told local news that people using the garden were “mourning the destruction of the physical embodiment of years of collaboration, connecting with plant life” and sharing food and gardening knowledge.”

Gardeners posted on social media that, “The city pulled up on our garden, but our roots still stand strong.” More that 5,000 people signed an online petition seeking to save the garden. Petitioners wrote online that, “The BLMG is also a hub for education, community-building, and environmental justice.”

The park being a place of justice has been in question for years. Call Anderson Park was ground zero for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in 2020.

Protesters captured attention worldwide for creating what they called a separate nation within the United States. A Seattle teen was shot dead in the Autonomous Zone where there was a lack of police due to the protest.

Source: Daily Caller