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Blue City Has Nasty Surprise for Foreign News Crew – Now the Entire World Is Laughing at Us


There have been plenty of reports on the growing crisis within blue cities. Thanks to progressive policies, some of the largest cities in America have seen explosions of crime.

But it is sometimes hard to understand just how bad it is getting… until a story like this comes around.

Journalists from all over the world have visited a major U.S. city for an international summit. But one of these news crews learned the hard way that things are getting very bad in Democrat-run parts of America.

From Fox News:
A Czech television news crew was robbed while covering the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, according to reports.

Journalist Bohumil Vostal told the San Francisco Chronicle he was getting a shot of City Lights Bookstore “when three masked assailants approached with guns pointed.”

“They were heading at my camera man, aiming a gun at his stomach, and one at my head,” Vostal said. He added the incident happened around 5 p.m. Sunday.

A Czech news crew was in San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. The team was getting footage of the city for its coverage. They were outside City Lights Bookstore when a car pulled up beside them.

According to their own report, three armed men exited the car and drew guns on the crew. They demanded the crew hand over their production equipment. The crooks stole over $18,000 worth of equipment and the footage they had taken that day.

This happened–not in the dead of night when nobody was around–but at 5 PM. That is one of the busiest times of day for most cities when people are commuting home from work. It is almost unthinkable that armed gunmen would rob a news crew in the middle of the day.

Yet this is becoming a more and more common occurrence in major U.S. cities. Radical progressive policies have resulted in the defunding of police departments, leaving fewer officers available to protect residents.

The police who are still working are prevented from enforcing the law, thanks to rules passed by progressive DAs. Many of these district attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals. Some cities have passed laws that eliminated prosecuting certain crimes.

In San Francisco, the crime has gotten so bad that residents have resorted to leaving their cars unlocked, just so crooks won’t break their windows.

This kind of unchecked crime was once unthinkable in the United States. But now, travelers from other countries might think twice about visiting many parts of America–out of fear of being robbed. Dangers once only associated with third-world regimes are now common in the U.S.

Source: Fox News