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Biden Gets Terrible News for 2024 Campaign – This 1 Group Could Change the Entire Election


In recent weeks, the Biden campaign has been rocked by unexpected polling. One poll revealed that he is losing to Donald Trump in many of the states he won in 2020.

In some states, Biden is losing by nearly ten points–well outside the margin of error.

A CNN poll had much the same bad news for Joe. But now, a new report is revealing a worst-case scenario for the president. Because a must-win demographic could turn on him for good.

From The Post Millennial:
While many black Americans enthusiastically threw their support behind Joe Biden in 2020, his failure to fulfill the promises he made has led to widespread disillusionment…

According to a recent poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College, 71 percent of black voters said they’d support Biden in 2024, down from 92 percent in 2020. In contrast, Donald Trump’s share of the black vote jumped from just 8 percent in 2020 to 22 percent.

A growing number of black voters said they would not support Joe Biden in the next election. In 2020, Biden enjoyed 92% of the black vote. But in this recent poll, his support has dropped to 71%.

By comparison, Trump had only 8% of black voters’ support in 2020. But today, he has 22% support. That is a massive surge that could spell serious trouble for the Biden campaign.

Democrats have enjoyed overwhelming support from black voters for decades. The expectation is that black voters will always vote for Democrats, no matter what.

But according to reports, Biden’s mounting failures have disillusioned black voters. Biden, by virtue of being liberal, was viewed as a president who would prioritize black Americans’ needs. Instead, black Americans have suffered the same economic problems as the rest of the country.

In some statistics (including the loss of jobs by illegal immigrants), black Americans have suffered more.

All the rhetoric in the world might not be enough to win over black voters. Biden’s policies appeared to have catered to globalist elites and far-left progressives. It seems many black voters feel left in the dust.

For this poll to show Donald Trump’s support from black voters next to 25% is a game changer for the election. If he can hold onto that many black voters–or increase his support–there is little chance Joe Biden could beat him.

If Biden loses more support among black voters, his re-election chances are toast. Considering that possibility, don’t be surprised if Democrats go to great lengths to win back their support in the coming year. Which could mean very bad things for America.

Source: The Post Millennial