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Blue City Mayor Hit with Karma – Major Crime Just Personally Struck City’s Top Liberal


It has been widely reported that crime continues to rise in America’s largest cities. This epidemic has been driving many Americans, and businesses, to relocate.

Many critics have pointed out that this rise in crime coincided with progressive policies like defunding police departments.

Some cities have started acknowledging the problem, but others have not. Now, the mayor of a large blue city might rethink his agenda–after this incident.

From MSN:
Denver’s mayor can be counted among the growing number of auto theft victims in the Centennial State.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Mayor Mike Johnston’s office confirmed to FOX31 that his car was stolen on Oct. 28…

Colorado’s auto theft rate climbed by the fastest rate in the nation from 2011 to 2020, jumping 144% during those years.

Democrat Mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston, revealed his car had been stolen in October. This comes as Colorado suffers the highest explosion of car thefts than any other city in the country. And this isn’t even the first time a Democrat official suffered from this nationwide epidemic.

The car was found hours later, but police have not discussed if someone has been arrested.

Some outside Colorado might not have realized how liberal the state has become. A historically moderate part of the country has increasingly embraced far-left, West Coast policies. The result has been a spike in crime that rivals even America’s largest cities.

Surprisingly, this wasn’t even the first time the mayor’s car had been stolen. Johnston tweeted in 2017 that his car had been stolen, but it is unknown if that car was recovered. Despite being a victim of car theft twice, the Democrat has not announced plans to improve law and order.

Democrats in other cities have announced moves to end their crime crisis. They have restored some of their police departments’ slashed funds or overturned policies that directly encourage crime. In some cities, recall elections ejected progressive district attorneys whom critics claimed refused to prosecute criminals.

At the state level, there appears to be some movement in Colorado. The Colorado Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force has reportedly increased efforts to combat crime. But it is unknown if voters will begin voting for candidates vowing to restore law and order across the board.

Source: MSN