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Trump Warrant Exposes Biden’s Scheme – And Now the DOJ Is Coming After Average Americans


Trump supporters have called out the Democrats’ many indictments against the former president. Republicans, including Trump, believe these trials are attempts to undermine the upcoming election.

Critics have viciously condemned the Biden administration for allegedly using the government to retaliate against Joe’s enemies.

But if the White House wants to refute those accusations, this latest news will make that very hard. Because Special Counsel Jack Smith just issued a search warrant for Trump’s Twitter account. And he is requesting information on more than just Donald.

From Breitbart:
Special Counsel Jack Smith, in a search warrant sent to X, formerly Twitter, requested a vast swathe of information about the account of former President Donald J. Trump, as well as information on the millions of accounts that interacted with it — even those that liked a tweet by Trump in the timeframe of October 2020 to January 2021.

In a move that some will call an overreach, Biden’s special counsel prosecuting Trump over “insurrection” charges is demanding data from social network Twitter, now called X.

The warrant, which has been heavily redacted before reaching the public, is looking for information from people who followed Trump, interacted with him, liked his tweets, or reposted them.

That includes “all associated logs and metadata,” which could include personal information about users’ locations, jobs, relationships, and more. This is information not publicly available. And Americans will certainly cry afoul over this demand.

Republicans have called out Democrats for their treatment of January 6 defendants. Many have pointed out that Biden’s DOJ has been very harsh to people who were present at the Capitol, treating civilians like hardened criminals.

What will Jack Smith do with the information of people who interacted with Trump between October 2020 and January 2021? This could be construed to look like an attempt by the Biden administration to intimidate Trump supporters or anyone who questioned that election.

A trial that is supposedly only about Trump’s actions might expand to include millions of Americans.

X has tried to push back against this warrant and has been hit with a $350,000 fine. Given Elon Musk’s anti-censorship and anti-government overreach agenda, it is unclear how far the company will go to comply with the request.

Source: Breitbart