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Blue State 2024 Report Is a Game-Changer – Trump and Biden Can’t Afford to Ignore This


It is likely that Democrats feel confident about the 2024 Election. Donald Trump, who is the GOP frontrunner, is facing four criminal trials. In addition to this, he is dealing with other lawsuits and challenges–all launched by his political rivals.

President Biden is dealing with terrible approval ratings. But Democrat operatives might assume Trump’s problems will ensure an easy Biden victory.

News coming out of a major blue state, however, might upend the left’s apple cart. A Democratic stronghold appears to be breaking away from Joe Biden. And one significant crisis is to blame.

From The Post Millennial:
President Joe Biden holds just a 9-point lead over former President Donald Trump in the deeply Democrat New York state. Biden won the state by 23 points in 2020, but his unpopular open border measures, which have seen some 7 million illegal immigrants enter the US, are tanking popularity among die-hard blue New Yorkers.

Thanks to Biden’s border policies, New York is seeing 10,000 migrants enter a month. Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, revealed this crisis will destroy the city. While Democrats like AOC are calling for more aid to border crossers, local residents appear outraged.

It appears this situation is hurting Biden’s re-election prospects. In what should be an alarming poll to Democrats, Biden only holds a 9-point lead over Donald Trump. Biden won the state by 23 points in 2020.

But recent elections reveal that several parts of the state are moving to the right. Biden’s current standing with New York voters is 17 points worse than it was in 2020. That is only the result of his policies while in office.

Many critics have pointed out that Biden’s struggles are serving to underscore Trump’s successes while president. Republicans are hammering Biden over the border, rising crime, empty store shelves, rampant inflation, and WWIII fears.

They can easily look back at Trump’s time in office when none of these fears were pressing on voters’ minds.

But what does this mean for New York in 2024? Could Biden’s lead erode even further among blue voters? Most Democrats are doggedly opposed to Donald Trump. They will most likely vote for Biden, just to ensure Trump stays out of office.

But if conditions in blue states like New York continue to get worse, all bets are off. We might see Biden’s lead shrink even further, making a historically Democrat state suddenly competitive.

Source: The Post Millennial