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Blue State Slammed with Bombshell Lawsuit – Their Own Counties Just Accused Them of 1 Major Crime


Joe Biden’s immigration policies that feature an open border that allows millions of illegal immigrants into the country are hammering cities and counties across the country. Municipalities, many in blue states, are struggling to pay for unlimited services to these foreigners.

Biden has done nothing to stop the problem which has been multiplied by Democrats who run blue states and cities. Everyday Americans are being subjected to dangerous environments and a drain on taxpayer dollars that isn’t sustainable.

Some people are waking up to the problems cause by Biden and his fellow liberal Democrats. The people are starting to push back and taking the fight into the courtroom.

From Blaze Media:
Two Colorado counties filed a lawsuit on Monday against the state over its sanctuary policies that they argue “create dangerous conditions” for residents and migrants.

“The Colorado General Assembly enacted Colorado House Bills 19-1124 and 23-1100, which prohibit local governments from cooperating with the federal government in immigration matters,” the complaint read.

“The nation is facing an immigration crisis. The nation, the state, and local governments need to cooperate and share resources to address this crisis,” the lawsuit read.

The lawsuit was filed by El Paso and Douglas Counties. County officials argued that the state bills undermine federal immigration laws and regulations and are “illegal and unconstitutional.”

The two counties are both located south of Denver where about 40,000 illegal migrants have relocated over the last 16 months. Officials in Douglas County believe other counties may want to join the lawsuit that wants to give local officials more authority to stem illegal immigration.

“We’re in the middle of an illegal immigration crisis,” Douglas County District 2 Commissioner George Teal told the media. “Terrorists are infiltrating our southern border. You know who’s catching them? It’s not the federal authorities. It’s local law enforcement.”

According to the suit, local law enforcement is prohibited under the legislation from arresting or detaining illegal migrants. State judicial officials also can’t share information regarding illegal migrants with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The bills also ban local law enforcement from agreeing to immigration enforcement agreements with federal agents.

Basically, the bills are designed to protect illegal immigrants while tying the hands of local law enforcement. The state is telling residents, who elect local officials, that they must not interfere with the state welcoming illegal aliens and paying for endless support for them.

Politicians are standing behind local officials in the fight against the state. John Fabbricatore, a retired ICE Denver Field Office Director and current Republican congressional candidate for Colorado’s 6th District, said that sanctuary policies like those in Denver place a higher priority on rights of illegal aliens over the safety of Americans.

“By shielding criminal offenders from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and possible deportation, these policies allow them to remain in communities where they may continue to pose a threat to public safety. This not only puts American citizens at risk but also undermines the rule of law and the authority of ICE,” Fabbricatore said.

Source: Blaze Media