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Michael Avenatti: ‘Ready To Testify For Trump’


I did not think we would be seeing or covering something like this, but in time all things are possible.

Former Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti is reportedly in talks with President Trump’s defense team and is allegedly willing to testify on the former President’s behalf.

The convicted lawyer talked to media sources from prison where he is serving a 19-year sentence for the attempted extortion of corporate giant Nike.

Avenatti has stated that he is “More than happy to testify” for President Trump and recently came out to call the entire Stormy Daniels so-called ‘hush money’ case a scam.

Many in the conservative community expressed surprise and disbelief at Avenatti’s apparent change:


Avenatti told The New York Post:

“The defense has contacted me. I’d be more than happy to testify,

I don’t know that I will be called to testify, but I have been in touch with Trump’s defense for the better part of year.”

Avenatti stated: “You’re talking about conduct that occurred some eight years ago. I think the fact that it’s occurring in state court in New York is a mistake.

And I think that when you are going to potentially deprive tens of millions of Americans of their choice for the presidency of the United States, whether we agree with those folks or not, or regardless of what we may think of Donald Trump, I think it’s a mistake to do it based on a case of this nature.”



According to Fox News, Daniels had this to say about Avenatti:

Daniels said Avenatti was a “brilliant man,” but lamented that he “chose to use his powers for evil” before making a crude remark about his imprisonment.

“That is so sad,” she said. “Because he has more power than I could ever hope to have, because he is a White man and he didn’t show his [private parts] on camera.

But he’s probably showing it somewhere else now.”