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CNN Issues Shock Biden Report – They Just Dared to Admit Joe’s #1 Failure


Biden promised to “finish the job” if he won a second term. But many have ridiculed Biden’s first term–saying the “job” he is doing is dismantling American prosperity.

The White House has frequently stated that the economy is recovering. They point to reports that suggest that things are getting better.

But a senior political analyst from CNN had some bad news for Biden. Despite all the White House spin, there is a serious “disconnect” going on.

From Breitbart:
CNN Senior Political Data Reporter Harry Enten said… “there is this disconnect. But I don’t think there’s this disconnect between Americans and what’s actually going on. I think there might be this disconnect between what President Biden thinks is going on and what is actually going on.”

A CNN pundit was critical of Joe Biden’s reporting on the state of the economy. The White House keeps saying the economy is strong. Yet polling shows that Americans fear for the future and routinely give the president low approval ratings.

The administration responded by saying Americans are wrong. The economy is good, they claim, but we just don’t know it. Democrats claim Americans struggling to make ends meet are disconnected from the facts.

But CNN’s Enten turned the tables on Joe, saying he was the one disconnected. He discussed that inflation is down from its peak, but it is still much higher than it was a few years ago, prior to Biden’s administration.

He said that because people are spending more on necessities, they have less disposable income. That is impacting how much money Americans can spend on going out to eat or buying products and services. That, in turn, is hurting numerous businesses big and small.

Enten blasted Biden for seemingly dismissing the struggles of most Americans by making blanket statements about the economy. He criticized Biden for ignoring the reality that the economy is worse off than it was “three or four years ago.”

Many have pointed out that Biden’s claims about the economy are skewed by 2020. Biden tried to take credit for adding “millions” of jobs to the economy–forgetting that those were just people going back to work after government-imposed lockdowns.

Biden tried to take credit for inflation dropping to 3.4% (after hovering around 7-8% at one point). But critics remind him that inflation was closer to 1% when Donald Trump was president. And even if inflation is lower now than it was a few months ago, it still means prices are rising–just at a slower rate.

CNN does seem willing to shy away from these inescapable realities. So, why is Biden?

Source: Breitbart