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NYC Mayor Makes Unthinkable Decision – Now 1 Terrible Disaster May Be Imminent


When millions of migrants started entering the country illegally, most Democratic leaders said nothing. Republican governors of border states requested help from the White House. They reportedly got none.

So, many of these governors started sending busloads of migrants to blue “sanctuary” cities. Very quickly, Democrat mayors had opinions about the border crisis.

One blue city is so overrun by migrants, that their mayor said it could “destroy” them. But instead of doing what many say is obvious, deporting these migrants, the mayor is instead taking steps that could devastate the city.

From The Post Millennial:
New York Mayor Eric Adams made good on his promise to slash the city budget when on Thursday he announced sweeping measures that will free police hiring, close libraries on Sundays, and take other drastic measures all to pay for the massive illegal immigrant influx caused by Joe Biden’s border disaster.

New York Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly slashing $110 billion from the city’s budget to pay for housing, food, and other benefits to illegal immigrants. Adams had been demanding funds from Washington to take care of these migrants.

Instead, the federal government is seemingly retaliating against the Democrat, in the form of an FBI investigation.

Adams will be taking billions from the police department, issuing a hiring freeze at a time when police numbers are already too low. He is also taking money away from other needed services, like libraries and education.

Adams appears to be blaming the federal government for this move. He also threatened that these deep cuts are “only the beginning.” New York is currently facing a crime and homeless epidemic. Like many other blue cities, the city has seen a dramatic rise in crime, thanks to progressive policies.

The city might see more problems, with these cuts. Residents of New York have become increasingly angry over the migrant crisis. They oppose shelters from being built in their neighborhoods, even as Democrat leaders lecture them on the need to welcome these migrants.

Critics have been merciless to Democrat mayors like Adams. While complaining that thousands of migrants are overrunning their cities, none of these mayors have called on the federal government to enforce immigration laws and deport them.

And while Democrats complain about tens of thousands of migrants, border states have been overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of migrants.

Source: The Post Millennial