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D.C. Blindsided by 1 Shock Hamas Claim – Americans Can’t Believe This Playboy Reporter Said It


Brian Karem is a former senior White House correspondent for pornographic outlet, Playboy. He is best known for outlandish and unprofessional behavior attacking Trump administration press secretaries.

It appears Karem’s antics were too much, even for the adult publication. But Karem is back, writing a piece that was published in left-wing magazine Salon.

Just a month after terrorists murdered over 1,400 civilians in Israel, Karem made this accusation. He called Trump supporters and American Christians a “bigger threat” than Hamas.

From Fox News:
Playboy’s former senior White House correspondent, Brian Karem, warned that the House of Representatives under Speaker Mike Johnson is a “discount version of the apocalyptic orgasm the holy rollers have dreamed of for years.”…

The author and commentator published a piece for Salon on Thursday headlined, “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be.”

Karem appears to have been set off by the election of Mike Johnson to House Speaker. Other liberal commentators have made wild accusations against the new Speaker. But Karem beat them all by comparing Johnson and millions of Americans as being worse than Hamas.

The former Playboy writer accused conservatives of wanting to get rid of “separation of church and state.” He also claims “MAGA and Christian nationalism” of trying to create an “isolationist country surrounded by walls.”

While Karem’s slander can be easily dismissed as the rantings of a vile, left-wing smut-raker, they are shared by many on the left. Democrats have increasingly ramped up their attacks against conservative Americans.

They accuse millions of patriotic citizens of wanting to “overthrow” the government. Karem even went as far as to say Republicans “despise free thought and independence,” something which has been repeatedly done by leftists on social media.

Karem’s hatred of religious Americans has been echoed by Democrats in Congress and the media. They consider people of faith to be outcasts and a shrinking minority, who do not deserve a place in the public discussion.

This Democrat isn’t even the first to compare conservatives to Hamas. But to make that comparison days after Hamas murdered thousands of Jews will be blasted by both Republicans and other Democrats alike.

Karem is trying to incite war between liberals and conservatives, hoping the outcome will help Joe Biden in 2024. But in the end, he’s only humiliated himself.

Source: Fox News