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DeSantis Reveals 1 Thing That Will “End This Country” – And It’s the Top Liberal Holy Grail

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Since the Hamas attack in Israel, Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken steps to provide aid. As the region erupts in war, the governor has flown hundreds of stranded Americans back to the U.S. He has also reportedly sent supplies to Israel, including much-needed medical provisions.

The GOP candidate for president recently spoke about the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. He appeared at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit, speaking about how this war has affected the United States.

The Republican did not shy away from how this crisis has exposed a critical danger facing the United States. And he explained how a Democrat ideology will end up destroying this country.

From Daily Wire:
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned over the weekend that the U.S. needed to take its political correctness problem seriously — otherwise the woke mindset will be the death of the country — as elites push to import people whose ideologies and values are radically at odds with the country.

“… Political correctness will end this country if we don’t stop doing it. And I said you don’t want the Gaza. And what they said was, ‘well, they’re not all Hamas’. Well, look, they elected Hamas. Let’s just be clear. They were cheering for Hamas when Hamas perpetrated this attack, just like they cheered when Al Qaeda knocked down the Twin Towers. They were cheering Palestinian Arabs when that happened.”

DeSantis warned that the left’s “political correctness” could lead the U.S. to import more people who share an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic view. He pointed out that Gaza residents elected Hamas and cheered after they killed thousands of Israelis.

He also mentioned how this same group cheered after Al Qaeda destroyed the Twin Towers on September 11.

The Republican warned that America cannot take in more Palestinians, given the rising hostility against Jews in our country. Ever since war broke out in Israel, pro-Palestinian protests and movements have sprung up across America.

Anti-Israel rallies and marches have taken place all over the country. These have coincided with growing attacks against Jewish people. DeSantis believes the left’s “woke” ideas about political correctness will lead to more anti-Semitic people coming into the country.

And he is warning this will be America’s “end.”

Many have criticized progressives for siding with groups that hate Israel. Some far-left activists, like BLM chapters, have even compared themselves favorably with Hamas. Others have chanted the same phrases Hamas uses to advocate the eradication of Israel.

Source: Daily Wire