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Days After Texas Signs Powerful New Bill – The Lone Star State Unleashes 1 Historic Action


The state of Texas made history recently after it passed one of the toughest immigration laws. The new law makes illegal immigration a state crime. Police are empowered to arrest migrants who cross the border.

As you might imagine, Democrats are outraged over this bill. Attempts by state Democrats have been made to undermine the law.

That hasn’t deterred law enforcement from quickly going to work to defend the border. And after just a few days, the state has made a surprising announcement.

From Fox News:
Texas authorities have arrested nearly 10,000 migrants who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border under a new “arrest and jail” operation aimed at deterring illegal immigration.

Following the successful arrests, Texas passed a new law that will bolster the smaller-scale operation to expand the authority to make arrests, as well as give local judges the authority to order the migrants out of the country. The changes go into effect in March.

Soon after Gov. Abbott signed a law that made illegal immigration a state crime, authorities in Texas arrested nearly 10,000 border crossers. The new law allows police to arrest migrants and jail them.

It appears now that Texas is moving onto a new phase in its war against illegal immigration. It just passed another law that will allow judges to order migrants out of the country.

This circumvents federal limits that prevent states from deporting illegal border crossers.

It is unlikely pundits thought this law would be so successful, so quickly. Perhaps Democrats assumed the police would refuse to arrest migrants—or that judges would not cooperate.

But the sheer number of migrants apprehended in such a short time suggests that states are fed up with the border crisis. Even residents in liberal cities are outraged at the number of migrants who have come to the U.S. illegally.

It might be assumed that similar laws will soon be passed in other red states. Perhaps even swing or some blue-leaning states will consider anti-illegal immigration laws themselves.

This movement is an indictment against the Biden administration’s shocking unwillingness to secure the nation’s borders.

Source: Fox News