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Democrat Erects Sick Statue in Blue State – You Won’t Believe What She Calls “Sexy”


This year, Americans have been shocked to see some people erect Satanic displays during Christmas. A train museum allowed a Satanic “holiday” tree.

The Republican governor of Iowa allowed a Satanic statue to be erected in the state capitol.

And in a blue state, a Democrat staffer posed with yet another Satanic statue outside the state capitol building. You won’t believe what she posted with the picture.

From The Post Millennial:
The Satanic Temple erected a statue of Satan in front of the Michigan Capitol earlier this week…

Seven Republican state legislators signed a letter demanding the statue’s removal but a Democrat staffer took a picture with the Satanic idol, praising it as “sexy.”…

“In the name of Satan, I claim the sexy satanic baphomet goat altar at OUR Michigan Capitol. Amen,” said Skorka.

In a move that will provoke no end of outrage, Democrat staffer Samantha Skorka posed kissing the Satanic statue. She posted a picture of it to X and called the grotesque image “sexy.” She made the post “in the name of Satan.”

It’s hard not to believe this liberal was trying to incite anger among Christians, just before Christmas. Why a politician, or even a politician’s staffer, would celebrate a Satanic image and post it online is anyone’s guess.

Was she trying to mock Christians for believing Satan is an evil entity that is an enemy of their faith and God? Or is she truly a worshipper of Satan and has no problem announcing it online?

According to reports, Skorka deleted the post, but not before people took screenshots. Some Americans have accused leftist politicians of being “Satanists” in the past. This story will not alleviate those fears.

It’s unknown if this staffer will face any kind of penalties for her post. In an ironic twist, the liberal claimed “You can’t make a joke on the internet anymore,” apparently referencing her Satanic post.

She seems to be overlooking the many, many times liberals have “canceled” comedians and other online users for posting far less offensive jokes. It seems Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine.

Source: The Post Millennial