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Woke California Suffers 1 Brutal New Loss – This Spells Total Disaster for Newsom’s State


Over the last few years, we’ve documented the radical policies implemented by blue cities and states. West Coast states, in particular, have embraced progressive plans that have legalized drug use, decriminalized shoplifting, and defunded police.

It will not come as a surprise to learn, things are going poorly for these states.

We’ve documented how many Americans have moved away from these states. Many businesses are shutting their doors as well. Now, perhaps the biggest “woke” state of them all just got him with some very bad news.

From Fox Business:
The population of California posted a decline of tens of thousands in 2023. Among them are some of the wealthiest Californians, who account for a sizable portion of the state’s tax base…

“California is one of only a handful of states that is facing a budget deficit, and one of only a very small number that has seen tax revenues reversed in the past year. Most states continue to see rising tax revenues.”

Many of the people fleeing California are wealthy Americans. So many of them have left, that the state is seeing its tax revenue decline significantly. Experts are predicting that California’s already bad budget deficit will only get much worse.

California, like most blue states, has some of the highest taxes in America. Reports indicate that many residents fled to red states, which have lower taxes (in some cases, no income tax). A report reveals California has suffered a net loss of tax payers of 158,000.

While new residents have moved to California, more have left. And those that are coming in might not be as wealthy. Considering that California is doing nothing to repel migrants crossing the border, it is likely many residents are not even paying taxes—while still using the state’s services.

Despite this major problem, it is unlikely the state will come up with a solution soon. Many blame the situation on Democrat policies. Unless major changes happen within the state government, those policies will not go away.

Source: Fox Business