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Democrats Blindsided by Sudden Betrayal – Biden Ally Stuns Joe in Shock Move


Democrats have been getting plenty of bad news in recent weeks. A rift is growing between pro-and anti-Israel Democrats, which could split the party.

On top of that, the latest 2024 polls have provoked some Democrats to consider another candidate.

Now, another major shakeup is flipping the party on its head. One of Biden’s biggest allies is turning on him.

From Fox News:
A former Biden fundraiser and senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., has become the latest dedicated Democrat to walk away from the party and join the GOP.

“Over the years, the [Democratic] party has changed from its ideals,” Will Pierce told “FOX & Friends First” Tuesday.

“I personally view politics as a game of ideas, and you have to get to 50% plus one and unite people all the way around. If you look at the Democratic Party right now, they’d rather divide people in boxes and label them rather than unite them.”

In a surprise move, Biden fundraiser and senior adviser to Bernie Sanders—Will Pierce—is leaving the Democrats to join the Republican Party. Pierce was instrumental in helping Biden become president.

He “spearheaded” Biden’s exploratory effort in 2015 and served Bernie Sanders in his 2016 and 2020 campaigns. He has fundraised for Biden during his 2020 general campaign.

But now, Pierce is criticizing Democrats for seemingly neglecting the working classes and only caring about “elites in affluent hubs.” Pierce accused Democrats of putting more concern in for Kyiv than issues facing Americans, like the Southern border.

Pierce’s departure could be a stunning loss for Biden in the next election. And it might be a wake-up call for Democrats. Pierce, a young black American, is calling out Democrats and joining the GOP. Could this lead to more high-profile losses for the left?

Source: Fox News