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KJP Suffers Her Worst Meltdown Yet – Yells These 2 Words in Reply to Tough Question


The White House press secretary has faced mounting criticisms in recent weeks. Karine Jean-Pierre is supposed to provide answers to the public, through briefings with reporters.

But she is often criticized for either lacking information or refusing to answer questions. She has also scolded the press corp as if they were naughty children.

With news that the House has officially voted for the impeachment inquiry, the American public wants answers. The White House refused to comment on the issue, despite the fact it could result in a conviction. This is how KJP responded to questions about it.

From Fox News:
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blew up Thursday when pressed by a reporter on President Biden “lying” about past interactions with his son Hunter’s business associates, declaring there was “no evidence” the president did anything wrong…

“Wait, wait. But there’s no evidence. There is no evidence that the president has done wrongdoing. There’s none. Absolutely none. None. And that is just a fact. You’ve heard it from Republicans themselves. So they’re wasting their time. Instead of doing the work on behalf of the American people, they go after the president’s family. But that’s a waste of time,” she said.

White House press secretary reportedly “blew up” at a reporter, when he pressed her for answers about Biden’s possible involvement in a bribery scandal. Republicans formerly approved of the impeachment inquiry over evidence that Biden and his family were receiving bribes from foreign entities.

Karine Jean-Pierre appeared to melt down after reporters pressed her for answers. She kept repeating the phrase “there’s no evidence.” Critics will be very harsh with the Biden official’s response, given the mounting testimony, documents, and bank records released by House investigators.

It seems every week, Republicans are releasing documents showing a trail of money from China (or others) through Hunter Biden (or another family member) and into Biden’s personal bank accounts. Joe Biden’s claim that he had a “wall” between himself and his son’s businesses has appeared to be proven false.

Despite all this, the White House is stonewalling the public. Biden and his staff refuse to acknowledge what everyone else appears to believe. But constantly denying a growing mountain of evidence is not a defense. Eventually, Americans will be convinced Biden did wrong, whether that’s true or not.

Source: Fox News