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Democrats Suddenly Betray Joe Biden – Latest Report Shows He’s Reaching Titanic Levels


One of the essential components of winning a presidential race is having the full support of members of a political party. A candidate who falters in this area will have a tough time against any opponent when running for the highest office in the nation.

Joe Biden is in a race to secure his reelection and he needs every vote he can muster as former President Donald Trump remains the GOP front runner who has gained on the incumbent. Biden’s ongoing radical-leaning administrative policies combined with a bad economy and his failures on the world stage haven’t helped him with the electorate.

From The Daily Caller:
Biden was hammered by a new Gallup poll this week that showed his rating among Democrats falling to its lowest point during his presidency. His approval rating within the party dropped 11 points in a month and he sits at only 75%. His sway with independent voters fell four points to 35%.

Biden isn’t gaining ground with overall voters across the country. His approval rating dropped by four points to 37% since September, according to Gallup. Among Republicans Biden’s liberal policies have plummeted his approval rating to just 5%.

One aspect of the poll brings into question the radical and anti-American nature of some of Biden’s supporters. The Gallup poll pointed out how Biden’s foreign policy supporting a U.S. ally may have alienated some of his supporters.

“Biden’s immediate and decisive show of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas appears to have turned off some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ worst assessment of the president since he took office,” the Gallup poll states.

This new low in his approval rating also matches his personal low, the poll stated.

Biden hasn’t won any points with conservatives based on his foreign policy performance, particularly after the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in early October. Biden stayed out of public view and even held a barbecue for White House staff and families while Israel fought to defend its freedom against terrorism in the Middle East.

Biden has tried to improve his foreign policy credibility with a trip to Israel and a rare Oval Office address to the nation regarding his request for more U.S. taxpayer money to be sent to help Israel and Ukraine.

The Gallup poll provided some nuances to thoughts among voters surveyed for this recent poll. Gallup suggests that Americans remain pessimistic about the economy. Americans’ concerns appear to clash with Biden’s failed efforts to handle people trying to get into the United Staes and his continued push to send more aid to Ukraine.

Source: Daily Caller