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Dershowitz Gives Trump Judge a Direct Order – Then Drops Truth Bomb on DA Bragg


Former President Donald Trump continued to defy all the odds, and the judicial system, during his latest court battle. He faced another round of criminal charges as his team tussled with New York City prosecutors over jury selection in his hush money trial.

Trump and team didn’t back down from the attacks and continue the fight. Trump has so far been able to avoid serious consequences in various civil and criminal trials against him that were prompted by prosecutors hell bent on destroying him.

This continued judicial onslaught by Democrats in power faced a day of reckoning this week by a man who doesn’t like Trump but vehemently defends him under the Constitution. The unexpected support called for an immediate end to Trump-hating officials continuing their crusade to destroy Trump.

From the Daily Caller:
Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump for “depriving” voters of a “fair election” Tuesday on Fox, adding that the presiding judge should “absolutely” recuse himself.

“I’m an American voter who hasn’t decided at this point who to vote for and who to vote against. I just want a fair election. This case is depriving the American public – I’m speaking for the American public not for either candidate – of the right to have a fair election,” Dershowitz stated.

Dershowitz said Trump should be campaigning in Pennsylvania instead of forced to sit in a court room. He called the court’s decision to remand Trump to the court proceedings “unconstitutional” and the case should be challenged by Trump’s team.

He argued that Trump’s lawyers should make a motion against the judge’s powers and equated the overall case as “election interference.” He admonished the judge in the case for curtailing Trump’s right to free speech.

“The gag order is unconstitutional. You cannot prevent a defendant from attacking the witnesses, from attacking the judge’s daughter – if the judge’s daughter could be a basis for disqualification,” Dershowitz stated.

Trump has publicly railed against the judge’s daughter who has ties to Democrat allies of Joe Biden. Dershowitz said the daughter is “probably making money merely from the fact that (her father) is sitting on the case.”

“And if Trump loses, as a result of the judge’s ruling, she puts money in the bank. That’s a conflict of interest,” Dershowitz said.

The connection between the judge and his daughter should be enough to warrant the judge recusing himself from the case, according to Dershowitz. What is at play here is an abuse of the legal system that influences the upcoming 2024 presidential election and the entire country.

Dershowitz said Democrats and Republicans should be “equally appalled” at the legal system being weaponized by one party against the other. He argued that the force of the criminal justice system with Democrats in power should not be waging efforts “to get Trump.”

“We have a right to not have that election interference,” Dershowitz said. “This case is paradigmatic election interference.”

Source: Daily Caller