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DEVELOPING: More Trouble For Fani Willis, Trump-Hating Prosecutor Facing NEW Lawsuit


Fani Willis just can’t stay out of the headlines—a surefire sign that she signed a bad check.

Amid all her current legal and career troubles, the Fulton County District Attorney is now facing a new lawsuit that could see her removed from the case. At the very least, it will tarnish her reputation even further.

Harrison Floyd, one of the co-defendants in the sham Fulton County RICO case, and a former leader of “Black Voices for Trump,” has announced that he is filing a civil rights lawsuit against Fani Willis.

At the center of the lawsuit are allegations by Floyd that Fani Willis is engaging in a discriminatory and racist prosecution against white people and anyone seen to stand with them—namely, Floyd. Harrison Floyd stated on Monday:

“Her words and actions consistently demonstrate a hate for white people and need to make this case about race.

While my skin is also black, DA Willis identifies me as white and views me as a defender of white supremacists due to my political beliefs. Deep down, she wants to make me pay for what she feels is a betrayal to black culture.”

Newsweek reports:

Race has become an increasing source of tension in the case against Trump and his associates.

Two weeks ago, Willis made a speech during which she said that “they don’t like me to talk about race,” but that she would anyway and that, “Truth is, there’s some challenges that come with being Black.”

David Sacks asked: “Does anyone doubt that Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg or Letitia James would act in the manner of Alexandre de Moraes if the American system allowed them to accumulate enough unchecked power?”

Daily Caller shared more of Floyd’s words:

“We will bring a motion asking the court to exercise its judicial power on equal protection grounds because racism, in any form, is wrong,” Floyd said.

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