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Did Nikki Haley Attempt to Broker a $500 Million Deal with a Foreign Nation Using U.S. Tax Dollars?


New accusations from Matt Wallace on social media allege Nikki Haley conspired to broker a $500 million deal between foreign nations while serving as U.S. ambassador to the UN in 2018.

Matt Wallace is an active member of the Twitter community known for posting news about cryptocurrency and conservative issues.

On Friday, Wallace posted this tweet alleging Nikki Haley attempted to broker a $500 million deal between Israel and Croatia for fighter jets paid for by U.S. tax dollars:

It should be noted that Wallace’s allegation has yet to be confirmed by any relevant third parties.

Reactions to this heinous accusation have been harsh.

Others online drew a comparison between Haley Hillary Clinton after reading Wallace’s claim.


One man’s defense is another man’s dollar.

If what Wallace is alleging is true, this should be very concerning to every U.S. taxpayer.

Brokering a deal for a foreign nation, any foreign nation, to profit off the backs of U.S. taxpayers is abhorrent.

Nikki Haley’s bid for the Oval Office has been marred for months with repeated criticisms over her foreign policy stances.

At a campaign rally held on Sunday in Conway, S.C. Haley was heckled by an attendee about just that.


Whether Matt Wallace’s accusation is true or not, it’s becoming more and more evident every day that Haley’s campaign for president is running on life support.