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Megyn Kelly Drops ‘Insider’ Information on ‘Plan to Replace Biden with Michelle Obama’


According to Kelly, Democrats are secretly plotting to replace President Joe Biden with former First Lady Michelle Obama over the summer.

While these rumors have been circulating for some time, as Slay News has reported, Kelly claims to have new confirmation of the reports from inside sources.

According to Kelly, the effort is being led by former President Barack Obama, who is convincing donors to back his wife in the 2024 race instead of Biden.

“The plan is; around May, Joe Biden announces he’s not running,” Kelly explains.

“This will allow for Michelle to get nominated at the August [DNC] convention.

“They want to do it any earlier than May because it would make Joe Biden a lame duck,” she noted.

“But sometime between May and August, Mrs. Obama will become the nominee, she will be subbed in.

“I can’t imagine an answer from top Democratic donors to that question other than ‘We feel great about that,’” Kelly said.


Earlier this week, Kelly discussed the rumors during an interview with Sky News.

“I don’t know, I’ve been all along saying I don’t think it will be Michelle Obama because she doesn’t want to be back in Washington, in the White House or politics,” Kelly told host Paul Murray.

“However, I’m hearing more about this alleged reach out to top Democratic donors by the Obamas to see if they would support it.

“There have been two reports now in the New York Post from, yes the gossip columnist, Cindy Adams.

“So maybe it’s true the donors are going to talk about it if they get a reach out from Michelle and Barack Obama whether there’s an appetite for her.

“And the one thing I know is if she wants it, I believe she will get it.”

Michelle Obama has reportedly already surveyed major Democrat donors about her potential candidacy.

In 2022, she also allegedly told a gathering of CEOs in New York City that she was running in 2024.

Now a new report has revealed plans for Obama to replace Biden on the ticket ahead of the Democrat National Convention this summer.

According to the New York Post, citing “credible sources few have access to and usually not meant for the noses of the media,” Obama is positioning herself to replace Biden and run against President Donald Trump.

“Obama has polled donors,” the outlet’s Cindy Adams wrote Monday.

From the New York Post:

His plan? Around May, Biden announces he’s not running (even mentally).

The so-called plot is that come the August convention, ­Michelle gets nominated.

Next step, Hunter’s father — the temp — drops out just before that convention.

For now, he still play-acts like he’s a real candidate.

Announcing today our dodo-in-chief would have to stop quacking and become a lame duck.

Their plan is currently being tweaked.

Obama has reportedly already sent surveys to “heavy-duty donors” to explore their reaction to her jumping into the race.

“The process has begun,” according to Adams.