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Did They Steal Votes From Steve Garvey LIVE On TV?


Did we just witness votes being taken away from one candidate and given to the other?

Live on TV?

In other words, did we just witness this happen again?

Oh what an iconic image!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and that one picture sums up the entire 2020 election.

But did we just witness it happen again?

MJ Truth on Twitter thinks so and he shows you on video.

Take a look at this:

Backup video here:


And on Rumble here:

So what is going on?

I’ve watched that video probably 10 times now.

You can see not only do they trade places (which would be normal) and not only do the percentages change (which could be normal) but Garvey’s total votes GO DOWN (which seems impossible).

As of press time of this article, there is NO Community Note on MJ Truth’s post, which really only means the Far-Lefties who try to dominate Community Notes either haven’t found this one yet or haven’t been able to come up with an excuse yet.

Scrolling through the comments I did see my man Shawn Farash (Captain Deplorable!) commented on a possible explanation:


So what do you think?

Just a typo?

Just a fat-finger?

Or did they steal votes?