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Disgraced Democrat Plots Shocking Comeback – And He’s Looking to Dethrone His Own Teammate


Plenty of Democrats have speculated on Joe Biden’s ability to win 2024. Some, fearing a loss to Donald Trump, have suggested figures like Gavin Newsom enter the race.

The party has pushed back on these attempts, claiming Biden is fit to run again. As it stands now, there is little chance anyone will be able to take Biden’s nomination.

But there is another prominent Democrat who might face a surprise challenger. He is struggling in the polls as his policies upset many liberal voters. Now, word is spreading that a disgraced Democrat is plotting a comeback—to take his job!

From The Post Millennial:
Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly weighing the option to run for mayor in New York City if current Mayor Eric Adams decides to step aside.

According to Page Six, Cuomo has been quietly polling his chances for a successful campaign and is “leaning towards” running…

In November, Mayor Adams mayoral campaign came under investigation by the FBI as part of a federal probe of alleged campaign finance violations.

Word is growing that disgraced former Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo is considering a run for mayor of NYC. Cuomo was forced to resign as the federal government investigated a controversial nursing home policy—and allegations of sexual harassment exploded.

Cuomo’s representative claimed that he was “flattered” but he isn’t planning to run. But that seems to contradict rumors that he is “leaning” towards a political comeback. Mayor Adams has watched his approval nosedive during the border crisis.

Adams has frequently complained about the migrants overwhelming his city. But he has failed to successfully remove them. New Jersey leadership has outright refused to take any migrants. And the federal government is not handing over any more cash.

New Yorkers seem to want the migrants, who are overrunning hotels, parks, and public spaces, deported. But Democrats like Adams refuse to do the one thing that could fix the problem.

It is possible that Cuomo could exploit this problem to build a campaign for himself. He can primary Adams, claiming he would fix the problem the current mayor is unable to do. That might win over voters, who haven’t forgotten Cuomo’s failure as governor.

Source: The Post Millennial