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Donald Trump Blindsides Letitia James – Surprises Her with 9-Figure Announcement


Many Americans were outraged by the civil trial against Donald Trump. Run by Democrats in a deeply liberal state, the case made wild accusations against him and his business. The case was decided by a judge, not a jury. And critics have accused the judge of being biased from the start.

Surprising no one, the liberal court fined Trump around $330 million. That amount ballooned (because of “interest”) to $454 million.

It’s hard to not believe Democrats just want to deprive Trump of his wealth, livelihood, and ability to run a campaign. Trump is refusing to pay this fine. But, just to rile up his enemies, he made this startling revelation.

From Fox News:
“Through hard work, talent, and luck, I currently have almost five hundred million dollars in cash, a substantial amount of which I intended to use in my campaign for president,” Trump posted on his Truth Social Friday morning.

“The often overturned political hack judge on the rigged and corrupt A.G. case, where I have done nothing wrong, knew this, wanted to take it away from me, and that’s where and why he came up with the shocking number which, coupled with his crazy interest demand, is approximately $454,000,000,” Trump said, referring to New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over New York Attorney General Letitia James’ case against him.

Trump defied the New York court by revealing he has around $500 million in cash. But he did not intend to use this money to give corrupt Democrats a windfall. Instead, he said he was going to use this money to fund his presidential campaign.

The former president maintained that he “did nothing wrong.” He said the judge knew he had this kind of cash on hand and “wanted to take it away from me.” Trump seems to believe this cash was simply about depriving him of his money.

Trump accused the state of New York and Judge Engoron of embracing “communism.” He said the only thing he did wrong was “win an election in 2016” that nobody thought he’d win.

He called the case “election interference.” Many agree with him. Democrats launched numerous cases at Trump just as the primary season heated up last year. It seems they timed these announcements carefully, perhaps to damage Trump’s success among voter Republicans.

Instead, Trump’s popularity only grew with each new case. Trump dominated the GOP primaries, securing huge wins despite snubbing the presidential debates.

Source: Fox News