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Eric Holder’s Wife Accused of Major HIPAA Violation By Her Former Women’s Health Practice


The wife of former Attorney General Eric Holder has been accused of breaching HIPAA-protected health information held by her former Washington, D.C., women’s health practice according to the Washington Examiner:

Dr. Sharon D. Malone retained the regulated information of patients who received care from Foxhall OB/GYN Associates after her departure at the end of 2020, according to a June 24 letter sent to a Foxhall patient. 

Malone then handed the protected patient information over to her new for-profit health startup, Alloy. Alloy then used the HIPAA information to send unsolicited emails to Foxhall patients. Foxhall sent a letter to a patient who complained that said:

“We at Foxhall were not aware that Dr. Malone had retained the list, that she had turned over the list to Alloy, or that Alloy had sent emails to some of the patients on the list, until we received complaints from patients.

“Under no circumstances would Foxhall have agreed to or permitted Dr. Malone to retain the list, turn it over to any third party (including Alloy), or allow emails to be sent to patients by Alloy.”

The letter also advised those affected by the HIPAA breach to, get this, check their credit reports “out of an abundance of caution.”

“If you are particularly concerned, you can request that the credit bureaus put a credit fraud alert on your credit report,” the letter said.

But the story takes an absurd twist as they usually do when a Dem is involved.

Six days after Foxhall sent the letter about the beach, Malone told her Twitter followers that women needed to protect their medical information following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Big brother is watching you,” Malone said. 

“Don’t give away your personal menstrual information. 

“The pregnancy police may be watching.”

Early this week Malone made a cryptic comment on social media: 

“Haters gonna hate. It’s what they do. Why am I surprised?”

Why are we surprised that the rules, according to the Democrats, are for other people to follow? 

We aren’t, they got caught doing it all the time.