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Elon Musk Shuts Down MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle: “Imagine if MSNBC did that


Tesla CEO Elon Musk ran afoul of MSNBC’s delicate sensibilities but did not back down nor apologize, instead, he thew Stephanie Ruhle’s words right back in her face.

Musk mocked the dumbest man in America, Huter Biden, for videoing himself committing multiple felonies in multiple states. That is a mockable offense on any planet in any solar system and certainly Hunter deserves it.

It would be bad if Hunter was a run of the mill drug addict but as the son of a Vice President and now President it is as bad as it gets. We have never had a more scandalous family member of a president.

Musk responded to Hunter’s stupid habit of filming himself by commenting on a joke showing a man wearing many cameras on his head with the caption:

“Hunter Biden every time he buys crack and hookers.”

Musk said

“A+ for cinematography.”

Causing a Twitter user to say:

“At least, if Hunter Biden sees an Alien, we will get the sharpest recording that ever was.”

Which got a thumbs up and a laugh from Musk.

Enter MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle who said:

“Imagine the positive impact you could have on the world if you used the extraordinary amount of influence and power you have to spread decency, kindness and positivity?”

Musk fired back:

“Imagine if MSNBC did that.”

Biden said this morning in Israel: “We’re going to deepen our connections in science and innovation and work to address global challenges through the new strategic high-level dialogue on technology.

“We’ll continue to advance Israel’s integration into the region, expand emerging forums and engagement.

“Greater peace, greater stability, greater connection. It’s critical. It’s critical, if I might add, for all the people of the region.”

He spoke about the holocaust in Israel and said: “To keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust — horror of the Holocaust.”