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Fani Willis Finally Held Accountable – Anti-Trump Prosecutor Gets Big News


Last year, a Democrat prosecutor out of Georgia hit Trump and many others with criminal charges. The indictment was yet another Democrat piling onto Trump, in what appeared to be a naked attempt at preventing him from winning the upcoming election.

But DA Fani Willis hit a few snags of her own. It came out that she hired her romantic partner, Nathan Wade, for the case. She paid him more than the experts working on the investigation, and she and he likely used that money on vacations.

Trump’s defense has demanded Willis face justice for these possible violations of rules and ethics. Willis has remained defiant, even using the race card to try to get out of trouble. But now, an appeals court has made its decision, throwing a major wrench into the Democrats’ plans.

From The Post Millennial:
A Georgia appeals court has set an October hearing to determine whether Fulton County DA Fani Willis may stay on the RICO case she brought against President Donald Trump and 18 other co-defendants…

A challenge was brought to her remaining on the case due to revelations that she had an affair with one of the attorneys she brought onto the case. There were additional allegations of financial impropriety…

The tentative date for the hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4, per ABC News. “A calendar will be sent to counsel of record confirming the exact date of oral argument,” a notice says of the hearing. Last month, the appeals court agreed to take up the case.

An appeals court will hear arguments over whether Fani Willis should be removed from the RICO case against Donald Trump and other co-defendants. This came after Trump’s legal team demanded action on the numerous scandals coming out of Willis’ office.

This is a huge setback in the Democrats’ ongoing “lawfare” against Trump. This Georgia case was like “insurance” in their attempts to stop Trump. If the federal and New York cases failed, then they could pin him with this case out of Atlanta.

However, the court set the date for Willis’ hearing in October, just one month before the election. If she can survive that hearing, it is unlikely that the trial will be held before November, meaning this Georgia case will not have any impact on the election.

Willis defied other Democrat prosecutors by demanding Trump come to court to get a mugshot. It seems she wanted to tarnish Trump’s reputation by spreading this image around the world. That backfired, and the image is literally being sold by Trump’s campaign. But had Trump been found guilty in another kangaroo court, the DA prosecutor might have tried to throw him in jail immediately.

Regardless of her intentions, she has likely already failed.

Source: The Post Millennial