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Trump’s Conviction Rocked by SCOTUS Development – Experts Just Dropped a Legal Bombshell


This week, the  New York jury in the Democrat-led trial against Trump found him guilty. Democrats are ranting across the Internet, claiming that Trump is now a “convicted criminal.”

Huh, Trump was indicted by Democrats, tried by Democrats, and found guilty by Democrats. Does that sound legitimate to you?

His legal team will appeal the ruling. The many problems with this case (such as a Biden donor presiding over it) could be grounds for it to get thrown out. But even if an appeals court refuses, legal experts are calling forth the  Supreme Court. And the highest court in the land might have something to say about this sham trial.

From Daily Wire:
The guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump reached by a Manhattan jury on Thursday could ultimately be reviewed by the U.S.  Supreme Court, legal experts said…

Trump’s legal team could make “constitutional arguments that his right to a fair trial was violated.” …

“Ultimately, I think the Supreme Court, if he doesn’t win on appeal, will take this up and reverse,” the attorney said. “This is a political prosecution. We are better than this as a country and this cannot stand.”

Legal experts are saying that Trump’s constitutional right to a fair trial was “violated.” Because of this, there is a strong case for the  Supreme Court to throw out this verdict.

From everything we’ve seen from this case, Trump did not get a fair trial. The trial was held in a heavily liberal district. We can assume the jurors were Democrats and Biden supporters.

The prosecution who brought the case were Democrats who had vowed to defeat Trump politically. The judge and his family are Democrats who work with Biden and his colleagues. Nothing about this case seemed fair or just. Yet the media wants us to believe justice was done.

Not even the liberal  Supreme Court justices could think this was a fair or lawful case. In reality, the judge in this case should be held accountable for perverting the cause of justice. But at the very least, the highest court could tear this verdict to shreds. Not for Trump’s sake, but for every American who might be treated the same way now, since Democrats have shown they’ll trample the Constitution to get what they want.

Source: Daily Wire