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FBI Director Asked if U.S. Is Safer Under Biden – His Response Is Burning Up the Internet


Joe Biden’s policies have cause arguably more self-inflicted problems for the country than any other president in history. For years he has been able to continue his radical policies on everything from energy to the economy to border security.

Along the way Biden has been promoted and protected by his appointed helpers at the highest levels of the federal government. The problem for Biden is that most of his policies are beginning to be exposed as failures and his loyalist support within the government hierarchy is beginning to crack.

One of the biggest challenges of Biden’s presidency is war in the Middle East and guaranteeing the safety and security of American citizens abroad and at home. One of Biden’s protective agency heads stuttered and blinked this week when asked under oath if America is safer from foreign terror threats during Biden’s tenure in office.

The questioning from Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) was directed at FBI Director Christopher Wray during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday. Wray’s response was deafening in its silence.

From Fox News:
Wray took an extended pause, sitting silently and appearing to be in deep thought before finally answering.

The leader of the preeminent law enforcement agency in the world had to stop and think whether his boss was adequately protecting American citizens. His answer was typical mumble-speak much like what flows from Biden’s own mouth.

“What I would say to you is that the terror threats have elevated,” Wray said. “But I also think there are a lot of things the country has done throughout law enforcement to be better prepared to deal with them.”

He couldn’t or wouldn’t directly say whether the country is safer under Biden’s watch as the world marches toward a large-scale war in the Middle East. This at the same time Ukraine and Russia continue their war.

Scott made sure the world knew how the FBI director exercised great caution in responding to a direct question. Scott posted his assessment of the exchange on X, formerly Twitter, following the hearing:

“I asked FBI Director Wray a simple question: is the U.S. safer today than it was before [Joe Biden] took office? After nearly 10 seconds of silence, he finally admitted what we all know… ‘…the terror threats have elevated…’”

During the hearing, Wray stated that the terrorism threat against Americans at home has increased to “a whole other level.”

The big question remains whether Biden can actually protect Americans abroad or at home following the surprise attack by the terrorist organization Hamas within Israel on Oct. 7.

Source: Fox News