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Feds Just Gave Americans a Disturbing Warning – Things Are Even Scarier Than We Thought


The attack by Hamas in Israel has far-reaching consequences. It sparked a war that might embroil the entire Middle East. But those who support Israel in this conflict have also been marked as enemies by Hamas and its supporters.

Many have warned the U.S. of what these extremists might do to the country. Republicans have been deeply critical of the Biden administration, which continues to neglect the overwhelmed southern border.

Now, a new report has come out from federal authorities. They have alerted officials of a major issue. And it is putting the entire country on alert.

From Daily Caller:
Federal officials are warning that members of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hezbollah could be crossing through the southern border, according to an internal Oct. 20 memo exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The San Diego Field Office Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sent the memo warning that due to the war between Israel and Hamas, there could be encounters of terror-tied individuals who are seeking to travel to or from the Middle East via transit across the southern border

The Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection sent out a memo warning that members of groups at war with Israel might be coming across the U.S. border. The agency’s field office out of San Diego has stated that “terror-tied” individuals could be traveling to or from the Middle East, using the unsecured border as an avenue.

This comes after notable Republican lawmakers warned about the border crisis. The U.S.-Mexico border has long been vulnerable to bad actors. For decades, the United States has fought to protect the border, preventing these groups from exploiting it.

But under President Biden, over four million people have crossed the border illegally. The Biden administration has refused to maintain the same strict standards of previous administrations. And because of this, many feared Hamas or Hezbollah-backed figures could enter the country.

This memo will only serve to raise that alert. The agency stated that it might not only be people connected to these groups. They wrote that there could be those who are “inspired by” or “reacting to” what happened in Israel and might try to do something.

This alert requires serious consideration by the White House. However, it is unclear whether President Biden will reverse course and tighten security at the border.

Source: Daily Caller