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Rashida Tlaib Faces New Punishment – GOP Leader Wants to Strip Her of 1 Critical Benefit


The Israel war has revealed serious emotional connections between U.S. political leaders and both sides of the conflict. The U.S. has pledged strong support of Israel but some in Congress continue to stand against Israel.

Rhetoric from some politicians resembles propaganda being spread by Hamas, who attacked and slaughtered more than 1,000 Israeli civilians. Continued support for those fighting Israel by one U.S. congresswoman is being challenged and Republican Ronny Jackson of Texas wants her punished.

From The Daily Wire:
“I demand that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib be prevented from participating in any classified briefing about Israel’s ongoing military operations, Israel’s self-defense efforts, or any American military movements in and around the region,” Jackson said.

Jackson called for the penalties against Tlaib in a formal letter to the House leadership. Jackson cited reasons due to Tlaib not condemning the beheadings of Israeli babies, her repeated promotion of debunked Hamas propaganda that falsely claimed Israel bombed a hospital, and her extensive history of anti-Semitism.

“We must not allow Hamas sympathizers in this body to serve as the mouthpiece for Palestinian terrorists,” Jackson continued. “It has become clear that Congresswoman Tlaib’s allegiance lies with Hamas, therefore she cannot be trusted with sensitive information.”

Jackson said that Tlaib’s stance supporting Hamas and her anti-Israel position is reason enough to bar her from receiving classified updates on the war against Israel and he demanded that her security clearance be “revoked immediately.”

Tlaib has been undeterred by facts debunking her false claims about the hospital explosion in Gaza. She continues to claim that Israe is responsible despite intelligence agencies around the world concluding that the explosion was caused by a rocket fired from inside Gaza.

Tlaib has publicly blamed the governments in Israel and the U.S. for “long, documented histories of misleading the public about wars and war crimes.” She also claimed she “cannot uncritically accept Israel’s denials of responsibility as fact.”

Jackson hammered Tlaib’s views in his letter to Congress by saying she would rather support Hamas and other Iranian proxy organizations than support defending Israel and American interests in the Middle East.

Any political leader with this level of support for terrorists or those associated with them should not be accepted in Congress. This viewpoint can only harm the American government and the people of this country.

Source: The Daily Wire