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Florida Republican Exposes White House Secret – Here’s What She Heard Behind Closed Doors


Rumors are always swirling around Capitol Hill as politicians work their angles among colleagues. Often the rumblings caused by rumors result in significant change among lawmakers.

Democrats have been grumbling after voting polls show Joe Biden losing ground to former President Donald Trump across the board. The liberals have lost support specifically in traditional Democrat voting blocs that appear to be tired of leftist policies.

Republicans are reporting that all the grumbling may cause Democrats to pull a Hail Mary move before the November election — Biden may not be their guy, and his possible replacement may come from an assortment of leftist Democrats.

Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna fired up comment sections across social media after she told Fox News on Thursday that lawmakers are “hearing” that Biden could be pulled as his Democratic Party presidential nominee.

From the Daily Caller:
“I think that they know that they’re losing,” Luna said. “It’s very evident at this point.”

Luna was questioned about the policies discussed in the closed door meeting this week between Trump and GOP lawmakers, and she responded by revealing some of Trump’s ideas on foreign affairs.

“There’s the media really silencing what’s happening with Russia — warships off the coast of Cuba and also Florida,” Luna said. “But I think more importantly too, (Trump) made it sure that the American people would know that what is currently happening in Ukraine and Israel would have never happened under him, and he does have a plan and solution moving forward.

Republicans believe Trump presents a stronger presence in the White House than the current administration which makes a big difference on the world stage.

“I also want to point out that he understands that world leaders respect him and right now with currently what’s coming out of the White House that, you know, a lot of people realize that Joe Biden is likely not going to be the nominee,” Luna said.

Luna shared speculation that Kamala Harris could attempt a run at California governor if Biden gets dumped. The congresswoman also characterized what is happening in the liberal mainstream media and the Democrat narrative as trying to put “guardrails” on the 2024 presidential election.

Luna said the leftist idea is to paint Republicans as anti-woman and push an “abortion crisis” even though Americans believe the issue is a state rights decision. This narrative coupled with Biden’s weak polling exposes Democrats’ plans.

Even left-leaning news outlets are noticing top Democratic Party officials allegedly panicking over the chance that Biden may lose the 2024 election to Trump. Recent voter polls have revealed that Trump has an edge over Biden in key swing states, and has gained ground among key Democrat voting blocs that include Blacks and Hispanics.

Source: Daily Caller