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Judge Explains Why He Released Woman Charged with Stabbing 3-Year-Old to Death


Judge Explains Why He Released Woman Days Prior to Her Alleged Stabbing Murder of 3-Year-Old Boy

An Ohio judge has defended his decision to release the woman accused of killing three-year-old Julian Wood.

“I’m confident in the way the court handled the matter,” he told Fox 8, as reported by Daily Mail.

“We did it by the letter of the law, there was nothing there to send up alarms. There wasn’t any red flags shooting up that pole.” 

Judge Brian Hagan explained that there were “no signs of mental distress, no signs of previous, violent acts,” despite a referral for a mental health evaluation just days before the fatal stabbing.

Police arrested Bionca Ellis, 32, on May 29 for a parole violation related to shoplifting $69 worth of merchandise from a Walmart last year.

A magistrate judge at the Rocky River Municipal Court observed that Ellis seemingly became unresponsive during her hearing and ordered her to be held for a mental health evaluation, according to records obtained by Fox 8.

Hagan, however, released Ellis back into the community on May 31.

Police reported that Ellis stole a knife from a thrift store and followed Julian and his mother to the parking lot of the Giant Eagle grocery store in North Olmstead, Ohio.

She fatally slashed the young boy in the face and neck, injuring his mother, just three days later after her release.

This case has sparked a firestorm online, with many social media users wondering how Ellis could have been on the streets for the killing in the first place.

Hagan revealed he would not have acted differently, even now, knowing that Ellis is charged with aggravated murder for the toddler’s death.

Ellis made headlines earlier this week after a judge set her bond at $5 million.

She was ripped on X following the “evil” smirk she unveiled during her hearing Monday as the charges against her were read aloud.

Her arrest clip also made its rounds on social media amid the hearing, Resist the Mainstream reported.

Ellis appeared via video at the start of the arraignment hearing with her head down as judge Nancy Margaret Russo asked her a series of questions, many of which the alleged stabber refused to answer.

Ellis’s responses did not improve once she entered the courtroom to see the judge face to face. 

She also appeared to smile at times before ultimately pleading not guilty to the charges.

Julian’s father addressed the court with a heartfelt statement before the judge announced the bond, saying at one point, “Just do whatever you can to keep this monster behind bars.”

X users blasted Ellis for her lack of empathy and remorse during the hearing. 

“Bionca Ellis had a warrant out for her arrest for a theft conviction,” Libs of TikTok recapped. “Police arrested her then released her. 4 days later she targeted a 3-year-old kid and stabbed him to d*ath.”

“Today she appeared in court laughing & smiling. How is this not a hate crime?” she added.

End Wokeness argued that Ellis’s hearing did not receive the mainstream media attention it deserved because it “didn’t fit the narrative.”

A GoFundMe has been opened in 3-year-old Julian’s honor.