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Fox News Is Censoring Star Host Jeanine Pirro


Fox News is censoring star Jeanine Pirro as The Five co-host has been on a tour to promote her new book Crimes Against America: The Left’s Takedown of Our Republic.

A spokesperson for Pirro’s publisher, Winning Team Publishing, said that Pirro was “prohibited from speaking at Turning Point USA, church services, and various other events.”

“We are extremely disappointed that Fox News would censor one of their biggest stars,” the spokesperson said.

Pirro was forced to pull out of an appearance on a Christian commentary show that was scheduled to take place in Ohio this week.

The show’s host Gene Bailey said:

“We’re surprised after all promotion that she’s pulling out, especially after having been on the program last week.

“We’ve been announcing her appearance, and the promotion’s been out there for a while. Suddenly this morning, they informed us she would not be able to attend, and I’m awaiting Fox News for comment.”

Pirro said recently promoting her book:

“A lack of accountability has created this sense in America of a corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, and the sad part about that is that people in America want to believe everything is on the up and up and that Lady Justice is blind, but Lady Justice is not blind.

“The Supreme Court has essentially allowed itself to become a political football by not stepping in and making sure whoever leaked it — whether it is a clerk, a secretary, an assistant or a Supreme Court justice — that not identifying the person has been a self-imposed injury on the court.

“The most stunning part for me is the fact that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to the Durham report, was the one who came up with the idea of a Russian collusion hoax.

“No one is fired. No one is suspended,” she said.