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Fox News Lets the ‘Truth’ on Biden Slip – On Live TV, Chyron Sends Liberals into Meltdown


Many Americans are upset with Fox News right now, thinking the network has “gone woke.” But it looks like there are still a few tried-and-true conservatives working for the company. Fox News made a name for itself by hiring outspoken conservative commentators who opposed the mainstream media liberal narrative.

In recent years, it seems more and more hosts on the network have leaned leftward. They quickly praised Joe Biden’s 2020 “victory” and haven’t done much to hold him accountable. But somebody working behind the scenes seems to get the picture. And during recent coverage, let the chyron set the record straight.

From Daily Mail:

Fox News called Joe Biden a ‘wannabe dictator’ who had his ‘political rival arrested’ as the president spoke at the White House following Trump’s court hearing on a federal indictment.

The chyron at the end of Fox News’ 8pm hour – which was broadcasting Trump’s speech following his not guilty plea – read: ‘Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.’ […]

But the chyron calling Biden a ‘wannabe dictator,’ which was live on Fox News for 30 seconds, caused outrage on social media.

Lol, this is just too rich. Apparently, liberals whined on social media after seeing a Fox News chyron call Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” who arrested his “political rival.” Hmm… not seeing any factual errors there!

But Democrats, who have gone out of their way to ignore Biden’s endless failures, were ticked off that this was shown on Fox News. Eh… why were these liberals watching Fox News in the first place? Don’t they hate the network? Haven’t liberals tried to boycott and threaten to shut down the network… for years?

I guess liberals just can’t stop hate-watching the network. But we find it deliciously ironic that, when liberals tuned in to watch senile Joe rant like Mussolini, they were confronted with an inconvenient truth.

Remember, Democrats impeached Donald Trump–accusing him of abusing his power to go after his political rival, Joe Biden. Yet now, Biden’s DOJ is doing much more, indicting Joe’s biggest rival just a year before the election.

And we’re not supposed to think Joe’s a “wannabe dictator”? Joe has the worst approval ratings of any president in the last 70 years! Why wouldn’t he do everything he can to improve his chances in 2024? There’s no way he can stand up to Trump in a real debate. So, why shouldn’t we think he is using the justice system to take him out?

At least one person on Fox gets it!

Key Takeaways:

  • A Fox News chyron called Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” during his speech.
  • The chyron said Biden indicted Trump, his “political rival.”
  • Liberals took to social media to rage, even though they already hated Fox News.

Source: Daily Mail