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Seconds After Trump Visits Restaurant – Here’s What the Customers Did About Donald’s Arrest


Democrats have had a field day over this Trump indictment. If you were to believe the liberal media, Trump is going away for a long time. But legal experts are divided on the issue. And most Americans seem to believe this is entirely politically motivated. Some have pointed out the case is being tried in Florida, Trump’s home state and a deeply conservative part of the country.

Oh, but you say the trial is in Miami? Isn’t Miami full of free-wheeling liberals? Not exactly. A large number of Cuban immigrants live in Miami. And they are no fans of Biden’s aggressive socialist agenda (they’ve seen it before). So, immediately after Trump’s hearing, he stopped at a local Cuban restaurant. Guess what the customers did when he arrived?

From The Post Millennial:

Former President Trump was seen visiting a Cuban cafe just after his arraignment, joining others to dine at Versailles Restaurant in Miami…

He was met with warm enthusiasm from many supporters upon entering the establishment, some of whom soon after asked the former president to join them in prayer…

The group was seen on video huddled with the former president, who then embraced one of the supporters directly after…

In a typical Trump fashion, the former president bellowed that he would be buying “food for everyone!”

Talk about a love fest! Numerous videos document the warm welcome Trump received when he entered the Cuban restaurant. Customers quickly cheered for him. They sang Happy Birthday. A number of them joined Trump in prayer!

Trump showed gratitude for all the love and support. He shook hands and took photos with the crowd. He even announced he was buying food for the whole restaurant!

Oh, what a horrible monster! What kind of evil man spends his afternoon–after being indicted by his political enemies–buying people lunch and taking selfies with them? Do you think Joe Biden would come within five feet of this crowd? Yeah, I doubt it.

Democrats are trying extra hard to slander Trump, in the hopes of derailing his campaign. But it doesn’t seem as if most Americans are on board, this time. The media can say what they want. Biden’s DOJ can huff and puff.

But it might not work out for them, in the end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump visited a Cuban cafe on the day of his arraignment in Miami.
  • The crowd welcomed him warmly, some sang Happy Birthday while others prayed with him.
  • Trump thanked the crowd and then bought everyone food.

Source: The Post Millennial