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George Soros Group Makes 1 Disturbing Move – He’s Trying to Pull a 2024 Takeover


Most Americans are familiar with the name George Soros. This European billionaire has been involved in American politics for years. While rarely directly influencing elections, he makes his power known through many organizations that he runs.

These groups have funneled billions into the United States, with an eye for pushing far-left radical policies. But Soros is far from done trying to impact our democracy.

Word has come out that one of his groups is planning a hostile takeover. If this happens, it could fundamentally alter how many people receive their news. And some are claiming he’s doing this to decide the 2024 for himself.

From the New York Post:
George Soros is poised to take a massive stake in the nation’s second-largest radio company, which owns more than 220 stations nationwide, according to court filings and sources close to the situation…

One insider close to the situation, noting that he was a Republican, said he believed it was possible Soros was buying the stake to exert influence on public opinion in the months leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

George Soros’s Soros Fund Management has bought $400 million of debt in Audacy, the second-largest radio company. Audacy owns iHeartMedia and radio stations across the country.

One Republican stated that Soros is doing this to influence the public. With control over this many radio stations, the leftist has a direct line to many American voters. It is not hard to believe he is doing this to affect the outcome of the 2024 Election.

Soros has long had his hands in American politics. He has donated to both Republican and Democrat candidates—especially those D.C. insiders who support globalist policies.

Through this deal, Soros’ company could end up with 40% control in Audacy. That is more than enough to exert control over the many radio stations it owns. Already most local news companies are owned by large conglomerates.

Americans often mistrust their local news, because their narratives are being dictated by forces outside their communities.

What could happen when a known Democrat megadonor takes over your local radio stations? How might he decide who or what is broadcasted?

Source: The New York Post