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Golf Legend Asked About Donald Trump – His 6-Word Response Is Lighting Up the Internet


Pro golfer John Daly sat down with an interview with Tucker Carlson. The show as part of Carlson’s new streaming service.

Carlson has a new series featuring exclusive interviews at his ranch.

He spoke with the iconic athlete about the state of the country. President Donald Trump came up during the discussion. And this is what Daly had to say about him.

From Daily Caller:
Legendary pro golfer John Daly revealed he and fellow golfers all want former President Donald Trump back in office, telling Tucker Carlson “We all want Daddy Trump back” in an interview released Tuesday afternoon.

Golf pro John Daly revealed he and other golfers want Donald Trump to return to office. He said, “We all want Daddy Trump back” in reference to the former president’s 2024 campaign.

Daly was unapologetic about his political views. He asked, “Where’s common sense in our country?” In the past, entertainers and athletes rarely shared political views contrary to the mainstream media.

So-called conservative figures in the public eye were often silent, afraid of losing their careers if people found out. But in this day and age, it seems more and more celebrities are bucking the status quo to support conservative values and candidates.

This could be attributed to Donald Trump, a celebrity himself who is beloved by many for his bold, unabashed personality. He might have inspired other celebrities to resist liberal Hollywood and speak their minds.

It might not be much of a surprise to learn professional golfers love Trump, however. Trump himself is an avid golfer. He was vocal in his criticisms of the PGA Tour and encouraged pro golfers to join the up-and-coming LIV golf league.

Trump might have been a deciding factor in the PGA merging with LIV, after so many pros switched.

But Daly supports Trump for more than his golf prowess. He said he was a “great president” and a “great guy once you get to know him.” It appears he has a relationship with Trump beyond a casual observer.

Source: Daily Caller