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After Hunter Pulls Jaw-Dropping D.C. Move – Republicans Turn the Tables on His Daddy


Over the last year, House investigators have been uncovering information against the Biden family. Republicans have accused joe Joe Biden of conducting what may amount to a political money laundering scheme since his time as vice president.

And Republicans have accused Hunter Biden of playing a large role in this scheme.

They have also subpoenaed Hunter to testify. At first he tried to offer to testify without the standard deposition, but that was quickly rejected by Speaker Johnson. Then, after agreeing to appear before Congress, Hunter reneged and decided to go on offense.

From Mediaite:
Hunter Biden announced that he will defy the House Oversight Committee subpoena to testify privately and lashed out at the “unrelenting Trump attack machine.”

Hunter Biden opened his comments with the Capitol in the background to assembled media, acknowledging his past mistakes before lashing out at the MAGA Republicans.

Instead of complying with a congressional subpoena, Hunter Biden appeared before the media and attacked Republicans. He refused to sit down and answer their questions. He called the investigation against his father an “unrelenting Trump attack machine.”

Hunter has good reason to avoid Republican questions. House investigators have released multiple bank records that they claim prove the Bidens were involved in a money laundering and bribery ring.

It is unclear if Hunter Biden would be able to fend off Republicans’ questions. Avoiding the subpoena might be viewed by some as proof that Hunter is trying to avoid scrutiny.

And it has not prevented Republicans from moving ahead with their biggest plan.

From Just the News:
House Republicans are planning to move forward with holding a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry against President Biden Wednesday on the House floor after the Biden Administration and Hunter Biden himself refuse to cooperate with their investigation.

House Republicans are nonetheless moving forward with their impeachment plans against President Biden. It appears that their questioning of Hunter was only a formality.

Perhaps they wanted to grill him, so he would crumble. But it would have been unlikely that Hunter would have said anything Republicans could use to prove their allegations against Biden.

It appears they have ample evidence to justify continuing the impeachment process. But it is unknown whether the House will ultimately follow through and impeach President Biden. Republicans have a slim majority and would need every member to vote against Biden.

Source: MediaiteJust the News