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GOP Governor Makes Bold Border Move – Northern State Leader Unveils Aggressive Plan


With the war in the Middle East raging, many have pointed out the danger America faces along the border. Experts have revealed that Middle Easterners have been apprehended at the border, some on the FBI’s terror watch list.

There is a fear that enemies wishing to strike back at the U.S. will enter via the unprotected border. As millions of migrants flood in yearly, unchecked by the Biden administration, that fear is growing.

One Republican governor has been repeatedly ignored by the Biden administration. His state has 58 miles of open border, and has seen a jump in illegal crossings. Now, he is taking matters into his own plans. But… this isn’t the Southern border.

From Fox News:
[Republican Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire] announced on Thursday that he’ll use $1.4 million in funding from New Hampshire’s current budget to boost tenfold patrols by state and local law enforcement along the 58-mile border…

“We asked the federal government for help. We’ve been denied,” he charged.  “There’s nothing that’s come from the federal government. No additional efforts out of the federal government.”

Gov. Sununu of New Hampshire revealed that illegal crossings from Canada have jumped. They’ve had more this year than in the last ten years combined. This appears to be a direct result of Biden’s unwillingness to protect either border.

Sununu announced a new Northern Border Alliance Task Force. New Hampshire will partner with state, county, and local law enforcement–along with forest rangers and Fish and Game officers, and they will increase border patrol hours from 55 per month to a total of 10,000 in the next 18 months.

The governor warned that encounters with people on terrorist watch lists have doubled since 2017. The state has never had to deal with this kind of crisis before, and despite requests by Sununu to the White House, they have been denied aid from the federal government.

Most attention on the border crisis has been put on the Southern border, because the majority of illegal entrants into the country are coming through Mexico. But an alarming number of people are coming through the Northern border–and that number is rapidly growing.

Because so little attention has been paid to the Northern border, it appears aliens and criminals are now using it instead of the U.S.-Mexico border. It is likely this trend will only increase in the coming years until the federal government does something about it.

Source: Fox News