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After WWIII Fears Explode with Attacks on Americans – Biden Makes a Big-Dollar Demand


The war between Hamas and Israel continues to expand. Enemy forces from neighboring nations have fired missiles at Israel. Many experts believe that Iran is funding much of the fighting. The rogue nation has regularly issued threats against Israel and its closest ally, the United States.

It appears the conflict is growing, as U.S. forces are compelled to respond. The Department of Defense revealed that it shot down several cruise missiles from ships stationed in the Red Sea.

From The Post Millennial:
During a Thursday press briefing, the Department of Defense announced that the US military shot down three land attack cruise missiles and several drones that were launched by Houthi forces in Yemen on Thursday. The missiles and drones were thwarted by the crew of the guided-missile destroyer USS Carney operating in the northern Red Sea.

According to the Pentagon, it is unknown what these missiles were targeting. But they came from Yemen, which is home to forces allied with Hamas and Iran. But that wasn’t the only escalation in the war.

From The Post Millennial:
The Department of Defense announced that multiple US military bases in the Middle East have been the target of drone attacks as a result of escalation in the Israel-Hamas war. The DoD did not reveal the damage done to the bases, but confirmed that US servicemembers sustained minor injuries from the strike attacks. So far, drone attacks have occurred on US Military bases in Iraq and Syria.

The enemy is no longer attacking Israel, but U.S. military bases in Iraq and Syria. The attacks resulted in minor injuries to American servicemembers, and terror cells in various countries could be receiving weapons from Iran–and are targeting both Israeli and American forces.

As the war heats up, President Biden announced moves that could force it to boil over.

From The Post Millennial:
President Joe Biden is slated to ask Congress to approve a fresh request for military aid to the tune of $100 billion.

The funds are expected to go towards assisting Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan as they attempt to stave off aggression from Hamas, Russia, and China, respectively, as well as the United States’ southern border, across which an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants continue to travel.

Citing the war in Israel, Biden is demanding $100 billion from U.S. taxpayers. Most of that money won’t be going to help Israel, though, as sixty billion dollars is supposed to go to Biden’s war in Ukraine, which continues to wear on.

Ten billion dollars will go to Israel, as it battles Hamas and other terrorist forces. Another amount will go to Taiwan, which some believe will be invaded by China. This injection of large sums only underscores the numerous crises that have erupted across the globe under Joe Biden’s leadership.

Source: The Post MillennialThe Post MillennialThe Post Millennial