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Heckler Interrupts Trump Iowa Speech – He Shuts Her Down With Two Words


One day before Iowa voting began, Trump held what might have been his biggest rally yet. In a packed out venue, the former president made his case before Republican voters.

The event was electric, as are many of his rallies. Trump blasted Joe Biden as the true “threat to democracy” highlighting the cases against him.

Despite so many supporters attending, a few anti-Trumpers somehow got in. One woman actually tried to heckle Trump, a man known for his iconic wit. And he shut down this woman with just a few words.

From The Post Millennial:
GOP frontrunner President Donald Trump was met with massive excitement in Iowa after he promised voters he would move to secure the United States’ southern border during a rally in Indianola on Sunday…

The former president was interrupted by a heckler during his speech. He responded by saying “thank you,” to her before later saying, “Go home to mommy.”

During his speech in Indianola, Trump was interrupted by a woman from the crowd. She tried to rankle the former president by making accusations about his wealth, but Trump dismissed the woman by saying, “Thank you.” He followed that up with, “Go home to mommy.”

The rest of the audience began to drown out the heckler with various chants and shouts including, “Trump!” They then cheered, perhaps because the woman was escorted from the event.

Trump commented that he hadn’t had that kind of heckling for years. He also mentioned that the woman looked young. There are sure to be some young voters opposed to Donald Trump, particularly progressives.

Young progressives are also strongly opposed to President Biden, over his support of Israel. Many young leftists are anti-Israel, sparking conflict within the Democratic Party.

Signs suggest that young voters, however, are breaking for Trump over Biden—based on some polls.

The overwhelming negative reaction to the heckler is a good sign for Trump. There are many more people seemingly supporting Trump than are going out of their way to attack him.

How this translates to the election, however, remains to be seen.

Source: The Post Millennial